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    Sonoma GT History

The Sonoma GT was a Very Limited Vehicle. Created for sale in 1992, after production of the syclone ended. They produced only 806 of these rare trucks. They share the syclone's interior (less the syclone embroidery). The same Center Console and tranny. Powered by the regular 4.3L V-6. The Sonoma Shared similar ground effects with the syclone, missing wheel arches.

1991 Sonoma GT

1 produced
Black with black cladding

1992 Sonoma GT


806 Production
Non-Turbocharged Enhanced 4.3L V6. "Syclone-like" Ground Effects.
Black w/ Black
Black w/ Gray
White w/ Gray
Aspen Blue w/ Gray
Teal w/ Gray
Red w/ Gray