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    Syclone History

The Syclone is a veritable street eater. She's based on the GMC S15 Sonoma. GMC added special ground effects, wheels, and decals to enhance the truck's image. Under it's pretty exterior is a mustang-eating 4.3 liter Vortec V-6. What's so damn special you're asking? Well, it could be the all wheel drive system that was mated to the TH 700R4 automatic transmission. Or it could be the liquid intercooled turbo that pushes up to 280hp (disputed to be 330hp) and torque up to 360 lb-ft. Only 2995 of these puppies were made in 1991 (3 in 1992). From a stop, 60mph hits you in under 5 seconds, the quarter mile passes under 14.

198? Syclone

Prototype (featured in Autoweek)
Gray w/ Red & Blue 'Syclone' script
Monochromatic Gray paint scheme
Gray web wheels
Dual exhaust outlets (monza tips)
Body cladding similar to production Syclones, but not exact
Bed wing
Engine 3.8L V6, rated at 270 hp & 370 ft-lbs of Torque
P245/50 VR16 Eagle GT Tires
Composite headlights
Interior was black & red

1989 Buick / Chevy Syclone

Prototype from Buick Division
1987 - 231 Grand National engine, estimated 300 hp
GM 200-4R Transmission
No Transfer Case, 2wd Truck
12 Bolt Chevy Rear Diff 3.73 Gears
Rear P255/60 on GN 15x8
Front P225/60 on GN 15x7
Best Time [email protected] mph
GN hood scoop grafted into S-10 hood
Stock 12 gallon tank

199? Syclone - Pilots

Two built.
Trucks used in the Syclone Challenge with Don 'The Snake' Prudhomme
Original color was black, repainted aspen white with gray
Modified S-10's with Syclone internals

1991 Syclone

Monochromatic solid lamp black paint scheme including body applique package (two-tone black).
2995 Total Production
113 Export Sales (Estimated 31 returned)
First Production Syclone Built: 4 January 1991
Last Production Syclone Built: 2 July 1991
Cloth interior with embroidered seats
Corvette transmission and shifter, Turbo Sunbird Dash

1991 "Saudi" Export Syclones

Exported to Saudi Arabia
At least one known to be in Germany, Malta, Australia, and at least six in England.
Metric dash based on standard S10 dash with km/h, kPa and Deg. C units.
NM8 Leaded Conversion Chip and resonator silencer in place of catalytic coverter
See the Saudi Sy page or contact Richard Tomlinson for more information ([email protected])

1991 Marlboro Syclones

10 Produced.
Repainted Hot Lick Red (Paint by PPG Ind.)
T-Tops, Recaro seats, 5-pt. racing harness, CD Changer
Used ones seen advertised for $45,000 in 1995 and $85,000 in 1996...

Indy Syclones

Three produced.
Indy Race Date: May 24th, 1992.
Original Color Lamp Black with Red and White Decals
Estimated 30 other Decal sets sold (For Black Sys)

1991 PPG Pace Truck

One produced .
Was one of the three original Indy Trucks
Repainted Silver Foil, Magenta, and Aqua, with purple tinted clear over silver foil.

1991 Syclone Land Speed Record

See FAQ for full information
Set world land speed record for the two-way flying mile:

210.069 top speed
204.145 mph average for flying mile
204.076 mph average for flying kilometer
Normally aspirated 5.0L engine, Max rpm 8000, 549HP @ 7200 RPM, 412 lbs/ft torque @ 6000 RPM, curb weight 3585lbs.
One real truck, three display trucks

1992 Syclones

Three produced
Window states '1992 Pilot Production'
One Green was crash tested, One is located in a museum in MI, and the other is driven by a dealership owner in MI (White?).
1992 Syclone Color Options were to be:

Black w/ Black
Black w/ Gray
White w/ Gray
Aspen Blue w/ Gray
Teal w/ Gray
Red w/ Gray