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    Cladding Care

Considered one of the essential portions of the Syclone, Typhoon, and Sonoma GT.  The body molding is specific to our trucks, and is quite difficult to get a hold of.  It is no longer in production.  And from the looks at the list's production cost speculations, they aren't likely to go back into production.  So, as with anything else on your truck, you need to keep it in good shape.  There are several products and methods to rejuvenating, or improving the appearance of the cladding.



Alot if these truck's cladding are starting to look a little old and oxidized.  Since the Syclone's Cladding wasnt painted with a Gloss finish, it needs a special protectant.  There are several products available to clean, and restore the original 'luster' of the these expensive body moldings.

Turtle Wax's Black Chrome " * * * * * "

ianturgeon-blackchrome.jpg (37736 bytes)

by far the best product i've used. easy to put on, and comes out shiny as hell

Maguire's Gold Medallion Tire Gel " * * * * * "

my good old stand by, since Black Chrome isnt readily availible... More of a pain to apply, more expensive, but comes out shiney, bonus points for it smelling like grapes.

Baby Oil " no rating "

Not Recomended.. Has potential to break down plastic

Mother's Back to Black " * * * "


mothersbacktoblack.jpg (8373 bytes)

I've used it, its cheap, and easy to find, but it isn't as shiney as the others, and usually looks streaky


Below is my testimonial.  Me, personally, I use Black Chrome.  The stuff rules.  My cladding isn't in the worst condition, but when I apply this stuff, It looks almost like the cladding has a gloss coat.  Below is an example of the product.  This truck had been sitting outside most of it's life.   It was extremely dull.  While we were bored, we decided  to apply the last of my bottle to it.  We were amazed by the results.  His cladding looked as good as my sy's (27,000 mi).  He became a believer and swears by Black Chrome now.  

BlackChrome.jpg (10636 bytes)



Most of the Typhoons (I believe all but the black ones) have painted cladding.  A few syclones out there have painted their cladding as well.  Just thought I'd give ya'll a little gimpse of what a sy looks like with glossy cladding

Painted_Cladding.JPG (15406 bytes)



The Syclone and Typhoon share a lot of parts.

Common to the two trucks are the:


Front Bumper
Front Wheel Arches
Upper Door
Rear Bumper

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