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A reletively new trend in street appearence has been the switch to clear light lenses. It cleans up the look of the exterior by eliminating certain colors. The orange corner and bumper lenses are easily replaceable, and typically are concidered legal or insignifigant enough to cause a legal issue (make sure to use colored bulbes so that the lights are still orange, otherwise, you may get problems with the 5.0). The red tail's are replaceable with completely clear, or clear with red reflectors. The red reflectors makes them legal as long as your using red bulbs for the brake lights. As far as bulbs are concerned, there are several ways to go. for the yellow bulbs, those are reletively easy to find at walmart or autozone. The red tails can be more difficult. Autosyndicate sells several to suit your needs. He sells the high quality red colored japanese bulbs, red silicon bulb covers (to go over white bulbs), and red LED bulb replacements

Bumper Lenes

Autosyndicate Clear Bumper Lenses
Easy to replace, these lights, in my opinion, are the coolest looking clear lights becase of the clear lens and reflective housing. There are only 3 bolts holding each one on. Getting down on the ground, you can see 2 above each light in the small pockets in the front bumper cover. The other is directly above the foglight, availible from the front of the truck, just as the other two were.

Step 1: Reach behind the bumper and remove the light harness from the rear of the light by rotating it until the bulb pulls strait out from the back of the light.
Step 2: Remove the 2 small screws on the top of each light. Remove the small screw below the light, right over the foglight [image].
Step 3: Wrap and Store to prevent scratching
Step 4: Remove the small metal tab from the single lower mounting bracket/tab on each of the old lights by sliding it off [image].
Step 5: Replace the tab on the new lights in the same place, and reinstall the light. Each should be marked "L" and "R" for left and right lights
Step 6: unscrew each bulb from the harnes, and replace with new orange bulbs. These will only go into the socket in one direction, so if it is difficult, remove, and turn around.
Step 7: Testing. Test the turn signals, and hazards with parking lights on and off.

Corner Lenses

These, although not entirely attractive (due to the fact that the entire lens is a reflector, instead of having clear portions like the bumper lens), finish the look of the front of the truck, and in my mind are a requirement if you do the bumper lenses. A little more difficult to get to, they requre removing the entire grill to replace.

Step 1: Pop hood, and remove grill [how to]. There are 8 hex and 2 bolts head screws holding the grill on.
Step 2: Remove the 2 stamped nuts on the back of each light.
Step 3: Remove, wrap, and store the old lights
Step 4: Install the new lenses (marked "L" and "R") bolt back on.
Step 5: Remove the bulbs from the harness, and replace with orange 194 waffle bulbs
Step 6: Reinstall the bulbs into the lights, and replace grill on truck
Step 7: Testing. Test the turn signals, and hazards with parking lights on and off.

Tail Lamps

Again, easy to remove and replace. The tails are a conciderable issue as far as legality and personal preference with saftey issues. In most states, completely clear tail lamps are becoming illegal. It is required that you have a RED reflector visable from the rear of the truck. This however does not require the entire light housing to be red. Autosyndicate sells these legal alternatives, that have a red reflector in the center of a clear lens. It just so happens the relfector is on the same horizontal line as the syclone and GMC truck stickers on the tailgate. Of course, you must use Red bulbs for the brake lights. You may want to tranfer, or purchace new light surrounds. The clears come with a chrome finish surround around the light, and syty stockers are black. they are removable, but be carful not to damage them in removal. It is always a good option just to go out and buy extras.

Step 1: Open Tailgate.
Step 2: remove 4 hex screws, I believe they are a T-15.
Step 3: Slowly pull out the light enough so you can reach the back.
Step 4: Roatating the bulb harnesses, remove all of them from the
rear of the lens, and let hang from the truck.
Step 5: Remove the brake and small waffle bulbs and replace with red bulbs
Step 6: Reinstall the light.
Step 7: Testing. Test the turn signals, hazards, brake lights, and reverse lights.Raise middle finger at a cop, and see if he'll write you a ticket for clear tails.

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