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    Bear Brakes

Thank you for your interest in our Baer Claw(r) performance brake systems. YES! We offer brake systems for your Syclone truck.

The Baer Claw(r) front SPORT system # F1WT-10125-5EN will clear your factory 16" aluminum wheels. This system features 12.00" diameter X 1.10" thick 36-vane high friction rotors and race bred 2-piston PBR aluminum calipers. The added pad area and pad stability of the 2-piston caliper combined with the larger mass and leverage of the 12.00" rotor insures a reduction in brake fade and a very large improvement in stopping power, pedal modulation, control and safety. The "Racer Net" price for this system is $ 895.00 plus shipping and handling.

Our TRACK front Baer Claw(r) system for your Syclone that features 13.00" diameter rotors will NOT fit your factory wheels and requires at least 17" after market wheels. However the added leverage of the 13.00" rotor does improve overall braking performance. The TRACK front system # F1WT-10150-5HN carries a "Racer Net" price of $ 795.00 plus shipping and handling.
The ultimate front brake system for your Syclone would be the PRO Baer Claw(r) brake system #F1WT-10175-5HN. This system features high density, pressure cast aluminum, 4-piston, staggered bore design calipers and 13.00" diameter X 1.10" thick 36-vane directional high friction rotors. While having very good street manors the larger pad area and smoothness of the 4-piston design takes stopping power, predictability and control to a whole different level. Your "Racer Net" price for the front PRO Baer Claw(r) system is $2,295.00 plus shipping and handling.

The rear TOURING Baer Claw(r) system # F1WT-10601-5DN is compatible with all of our front systems and features 12.00" diameter X 0.81: thick 38-vane high friction rotors and single piston PBR aluminum calipers. The rear system has a "Racer Net" price of $ 765.00 plus shipping and handling.

All of the Baer Claw(r) systems come complete with all of the necessary mounting brackets, hardware, brake pads and braided stainless steel brake hoses to insure a direct bolt in replacement for the factory brakes. The optional slotted crossdrilled and zink washed finish on the rotors is an additional $225.00 for a set of four or $135.00 for the front only.

Please check out our web site at www.baer.com or contact me at [email protected] if you have any additional questions or wish to place an order. Best Regards, Dave Burgeson Baer, Inc.