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    Syclone Bed Removal

This article is now being maintained on HowTune.com: Removing the truck bed on a GMC Syclone

  1. Get under the truck in the back.
  2. Remove the 1/4 turn lights for the license plate. Remove the 2 10mm screws (where the lights to the license plate unscrewed) that hold the tail light wire harness to the bumper. You might have to remove the clip that holds the spare tire holder to the rear bumper so you can pull the bumper off.
  3. Remove the 4 big bolt/nuts that hold the bumper to the truck.
  4. Didn't need to remove the tailgate(but it makes it lighter when you're picking it up!!!)
  5. Remove the 6 bolts that hold the bed to the frame rails.(use an impact, they are STUBBERN!!)
  6. Go to the fuel Filler door and open it.
  7. Remove the three bolts that hold the filler neck to the bed side.
  8. Look in the wheel well by the filler neck. There is one maybe 2 ground connections. One ground goes from the filler neck to the underside of the bed really close to the fuel door. The other (if you have it) connects to the frame, rearward of the wheel.
  9. Get under the rear again and unplug the rear light harness(on the driver's side).
  10. Remove the bolt (really close to the weather pack) that grounds the tail lamp assembly to the frame.
  11. Get at least 3 people to help you lift.One to hold the filler neck away from the bed and 2 very burly people to pick up the bed(use 4 to lift the bed if you got 'em.)Do NOT lift by the cladding, you WILL be VERY sorry. Get one hand up in the wheel well and the other to grab the bed rail lip. Lift straight up high. If you don't, your cladding will get caught on the those big meaty tires in the back ;)


Hint. Set something behind the truck to set the bed on so that you do not set the bed on its cladding(that WILL leave a mark!!!!Don't do it!)

Hint #2 Don't try to change the fuel pump with the bed on and dropping the tank it is not for mere mortals. The fuel lines are not long enough to drop the tank and those wrenches that you put on the fuel line connecters(one backing up the other) will not fit.The bed must be removed. BE PATIENT with the fuel lines.Put some very strong rust penetrator on the connections long before trying to break them free. If you are not careful the connection will break lose on one side and try to twist the metal fuel line itslef on the other!! Dig all the wax/undercoating from around the little ring you twist off the tank sender and use compressed air to blow away all debri. Don't get anything in the tank! If anyone needs any more advise on the install just E-mail me and I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can. George Blake (Not quite worthy of STG badging.I just bother THEM all the time and do what they say!!I just turn wrenches!!!HeHeHE!!) Have fun folks, and be patient. Give yourself the entire day!!!!! PS:Now would be a good time to change the fuel filter.Don't get fuel on yourself. Nice cool feeling followed by burning, swearing, ancing, and getting naked as you get douced with water. Only fun for the onlookers!