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    Carbon Fiber Trim



Regular Finish

With High Gloss
Urethane Coating

Standard console kit 1 flat cupholder piece
1 flat gear selector surround piece
$30 $40
Deluxe console kit A 1 flat cupholder piece
1 flat gear selector surround piece
1 flat gear selector window piece
$36 $46
Deluxe console kit B
(not shown)
1 flat cupholder piece w/ cup cutout
2 flat cupholder bottom pieces
1 flat gear selector surround piece
1 flat gear selector window piece
$45 $55
Engine kit 1 flat IC radiator cap piece
1 flat IC piece
1 flat throttle body plate
$30 $40


a note from Dale:

Thank you for your interest in the carbon fiber "dress up" items.The dress up kits are comprised of flat carbon fiber pieces that are aprox. .018" thick. All pieces have a SATIN GLOSS FINISH showing the 45 degree weave pattern of the carbon. This carbon weave is the same carbon fabric that is used in the majority of high end race cars including " Indy Champ" cars. For those of you who would prefer a high gloss look to your pieces , this service is available for $10.00 more per kit. A high gloss urethane coating is applied to the pieces. Both finishes look really nice, Take your pick! The engine and console kits install very easy w/ 2 sided tape(provided) in about 5 minutes. They can also be removed just as quick without any trace of the installation.


-STANDARD CONSOLE KIT comes with TWO PIECES One piece covers the flat area of the upholders and gives it a nicer look with the cup openings covered with carbon fiber. The other included piece covers the flat area around the gearshift and surrounding the shift selector window. This kit is $30.00 (2 pcs.) Two variations of the STANDARD KIT are available.

-DELUXE KIT A: includes a third carbon insert that fits beneath the shift selector needle and continues the carbon weave beneath the shifter window. (requires removal of console tray, adds an additional 5-10 mins. for the install) once again this can be reversed with no affect to originality. This kit is $36.00 (3 pcs.)

-DELUXE KIT B: Includes all of the above items but adds the access to your cup holders back. The carbon piece that fills the cupholder area has two cut-outs for the depressions of the cup holders and a carbon filler piece for each of the two cup holder floors. A total of FIVE PIECES are in this kit. This kit is $45.00 (included photos do not show this option)


This kit provides a nice high tech look under the hood. This is a THREE PIECE kit that comes with a small round piece for the I/C filler cap. A throttle-body cover plate and a large piece that covers the top of the I/C housing.(some trucks require the removal of the aluminum"dress"plate on the top of the I/C) it takes longer to clean the engine parts before the install than it takes to put these pieces on! This kit is $30.00 (3 pcs.)

Hopefully the info and pictures will answer all of your questions. If you have any other questions feel free to contact me .

If you would like to order a kit or two please send a check or money order to:
Dale Jolly 362 Darbyhurst Rd. Columbus , OH. 43228

Please include $5.00 for shipping and handling
Please include $10.00 PER KIT if you would like high gloss urethane coating on all parts

Carbon kits should arrive in 2-3 weeks after order is received. (all parts are made to order) any kits purchased by personal check may take longer. (parts will be made after check clears) "


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