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    Find Vacuum Leaks

This article is now being maintained on HowTune.com: Finding vacuum leaks on a GMC Typhoon

This was something new introduced to me by Mr. Blake.

I found this very usefull for finding vac leaks not just in the lines but everywhere they could possibly be. Items required: BMX bike tube, air compressor, hose clamp.

Cut tube about 4 inches on each side of air inlet.

Glue one end or use clamps to seal it off.

Attach to end of CAC and clamp with large hose clamp.

Fill tube with air and listen for leaks. You can also have water near to help find leaks. If you smoke blow smoke in the area of leak and it will also show where leak is. You will need to use a compresser to be able to find the leak.
Jesse A. ([email protected]) HuRyde from syty.net forums.