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    Fog Lights


GM, as usual wants way too much money for it's parts. So, if you need a new fog light, simply go down to Walmart or just about any autoparts store and pick up a set of these BLAZER foglamps. Their much cheaper, and fit directly into the original housings. They produce a set witch uses a yellow tinting for those of you that would prefer a yellow fog light.


-Evan Plotkin explains installation:

It doesn't get much easier than this.

Keep the original housing that bolts to the frame of the truck.

Take the new lens, put the bulb in ( if you are not using the ones that come with the kit) then just mach the ground wire from the new lens to the original housing and the positive should match with out a problem.

T hats it, put the two lens cover screws and plates on and give it a try.

I have done this about 10 times with all success

note: you do not need anything from the light kit except the lens and bulbs.

evan plotkin
[email protected]
black ty #0070



Assy. Right 16515454
Assy. Left 16515453
Lens 16502945
Retainer Lens 16515501
Bulb 11513798
Bracket Mtg.Right 15637858
Bracket Mtg. Left 15637857