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    Grill Removal

This article is now being maintained on HowTune.com: Removing the grill on a Chevy, GMC, or 1st get s-series

Removing the Grill is acctually quite simple. There are 8 "T-15" torque screws accesable from the front, and 2 bolts from the bottom.

Lift the hood, there are 2 screws on each side of the radiator. Remove these.
Remove the 4 screws recessed behind the grill area.
Gently tug at the grill to access if it seems to still be attached at the bottom corners. Try to rotate the top out, and the bottom back to clear the grill from behind the cladding. If it does not want to move, there are 2 more bolts attached to the grill.

To find them get down, under the truck. On each side, there is a square "pocket" where the bolt is hiding. Look near the side cladding, upwards infront of the large diameter support beam that crosses diagonally. Remove this bolt, and the grill will be free to wiggle out from behind the cladding.

The only thing left is to remove the lights from the corner lenses, rotate each bulb harness out from the lens, and the grill is free to toss.