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    Head Lights

Hella Replacement Headlamps

These are supposedly High Quality Headlights, they have a better aimed lens, and allow you to replace the bulps with any H4 bulb.

Maxtel Replacement Headlamp

These are a cheaper alternative to the Hellas.  Some say they are brighter, some say they are crap.  But for under 30 bucks, they will save you some cash for sure.  Availible through Andrew at Auto Syndicate.

Maxtel_Headlight.JPG (15151 bytes)

Composite Headlights

These headlamps are probably the best aftermarket replacement for our trucks.   They were redesigned so that the reflector aims the light, not the lens, which is very inefficient at transferring light.  They also benifit from a replaceable bulb, so you can purchase whatever brand and color bulb you want.  Availible through Andrew at Auto Syndicate.

Composite_Headlights.JPG (15690 bytes)Composite_Headlights2.JPG (15077 bytes)
compositecompare.jpg (17201 bytes)stocklightpattern.jpg (4833 bytes)diamondbacklightpattern.jpg (4996 bytes)


High Intesity Discharge (HID) Headlights

Now these are the coolest things to come along in a long time as far as lighting technology goes.  The light is created by a spark that is concintrated in the bulb.   The result is an extreemly high quality light that is great for seeing through all weather conditions, and creates a clean, crisp light to help vision at night beyond that of any halogen bulb. The kit utilyzes the composite lamps above, with a ballast and bulb.  These lights won Andrew Most inovative mod at KC 99.

The HID light with ballast
Hid.jpg (12405 bytes)

Stock vs. HID
HID_Light.JPG (8488 bytes)


Phillip's Color Clear Headlights

These were pretty popular with our trucks.  The lens has a coat on it that appears fairly dark durring the day time, and turns clear when the light is turned on.   Deffinate cool points for that black out look.  I think they come in several colors, but I've only seen black on our trucks.  I believe I saw these recently in a JC Whitney catalog.
Phillips_Color_Clear.JPG (14000 bytes)