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    Side View Mirrors

This article is now being maintained on HowTune.com: Installing Power Side View Mirrors on a GMC Syclone

Before they chopped the Syclone from production, a few 92 prototypes were produced. It just so happens that his year the rear view mirrors changed. The Typhoons thus inherited the smaller, power mirrors. For those of you who wish to istall these sleaker, more usefull mirrors, you can pick up all the parts strait from GM. Heres the parts you'll need:

15693875 Mirror

15693876 Mirror

15990940 Mirror Screws (6 req'd - stock are too short)

15631464 Mirror Switch

12080237 Wiring Harness

12085536 Wiring Pigtails (2 req'd)

12101827 Harness Pigtails

Back in '98, total cost of these items were approximately $300

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