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    Spal IC Fans

Dual Spal Intercooler Fans.

Radiators only work when they have air flowing across them. To assist the cooling of your stock water/air intercooler you can install fans on the IC.
The choice for many has been Spal, due to their quality and extremely high performance. And this is what I have installed on 2 trucks with success.

Precautions: These 2 fans draw a great deal of power. I would feed them directly from the battery or alternator. My stock alternator didn't handle the load too well with my headlights and fog lights on.
Both trucks I've installed them on have powermaster 140 amp alternators which prove to handle the draw more the adequately. These things will pull amperage at start up, between 20 and 25 amps.
The large center sections on the fans will block some un-powered pull through the IC. So with the fans off, there is higher pressure behind the IC due to the fans. But with them on, they will pull and make up for the blockage. So despite the thoughts that at speed, you wouldn't need to run the fans, it will drop temps a few degrees if you do.

You can purchase your fans at Matson Radiator. http://www.the-fan-man.com/ (800)-814-4238
Here's the spec on the 6.5 inch fan that will fit.

402 6.5", straight blades, Puller, 2.05"thick, 330cfm, 6.3amp ~$40ea

You'll need:

2 puller 6.5 inch fans.
relay (look at the fog light section in autozone for a 4 prong relay)
Inline fuse holder
25amp fuse
optional switch for in-cab control
radiator mounting kit (over priced zip ties)
black/red wire, a good size for the power, maybe a 12 gauge, and smaller gauge for switch.
various male/female blade crimp connectors
solder/shrink tubing optional.
A method to install power to battery

Here's a simple explanation of how these will work with this setup. You can wire them differently if you choose.
Power from the battery is on the broken part of the relay going to the fans. The fans are grounded to the frame. The switching portion of the relay get power from the ic pump, and grounds to a switch for manual control.
Now, the fans will only run: 1: the IC pump is running 2: the switch is in the on position. This means the fans wont run with key off, only function when the ic pump is running (wont do any good if it isn't anyway), and you can turn it off if you feel the need to save power.

Wire Diagram:


Disconnect the battery.
Drain the intercooler.

Prepping the IC core:

Drop the lower intercooler core and remove.
Remove the pump from the IC housing.
Place your new fans on the back of the ic, and mark for cutting. I mounted ours in the center, requiring cutting the top and bottom, although you may be able to get away with just cutting one side.

We then trimmed the housing with a dremel and their fiber cut off disks, it will take about 3 to get the job done. Position your hands as buffer points to prevent the blade from contacting the radiator core.

Before you attach them, make sure to install the top half of the IC pump bracket as it will be difficult to attach at the base with the fan in the way.
Align the wires to route the direction you please and run the radiator attachment straps through each corner of the fan, we only used 4(2 per fan) and they have been holding strong.

Flip the core over and attach the other side of the strap w/ the foam to protect the fins.

Now your fans are held in place. Route the wires they come with under the ic pump bracket and trim the end connectors.

We placed the relay beside the core sandwiched in the housing. Mine have been running this way for over a year with no issues, so I just continued using this system.

So you need to join the 2 fan positives (blue on the Spals) into a female blade connector. Do the same for the grounds.
Cut the positives long enough to reach the relay, and the black an inch or so longer for the body ground.
Plug the joined positives into the relay.

Now you need to tap the Positive on the IC pump. So splice the IC pump wire between the connector and the pump. On the Jabsco, the positive is black. Splice it and run an extra wire to the relay switch positive.
Zip tie the wires in place and place the core aside.

Wiring the Truck:

we need battery power, body ground, and a switched ground.
Connect the power to the battery. Place an inline fuse before the connection to the relay. Ours was first in line after the battery for ease of access.

Now route the wire around the battery into the headlight area, out the front of the radiator support where the other wires are going through and zip tie it to the passenger side of the wires that cross under the radiator.
cut the wire long enough to reach the core should it be on the ground below, and crimp a female blade connector to the end.
Ground: cut a 2 foot or so wire of the same diameter of the power wire. crimp a ring connecter onto one end.
sand one of the holes in the bottom of the radiator support bare to the metal and find a screw that will fit in the hole without poking through the second wall.
Screw on the ground to the rad support, and cut the ground to length of the battery wire, and crimp a male connector (to connect to the grounds on the fans).

Switched ground:

Run a wire from the cab out to the intercooler. We placed the switch on the drivers side of the passenger foot well trim panel.
Route your wire to the switch, zip tie its path to the connection point to prevent getting caught in the pedals. Pull the wire down to the ic, and zip tie in the same place as the batter wire.
Crimp a female blade connector onto each end of this wire.

Finally, the switch's ground. Run a wire from the switch to a ground. I used the upper bolt on the gas pedal.

Trim the panel for your switch. If your cutting plastic, its easy to use a utility knife to shave a hole for your switch.
Be careful by slightly enlarging the hole until the switch fits.

Fit your switch, connect it's 2 wires, the wires for the relay, and the positive to the battery. Plug the IC pump back into the harness.
Test your fans by turning the ignition on and running the ic pump. Flip the switch to see if it works properly.

If everything works, reconnect the Intercooler hoses and refill the system.
If not, check your wiring and grounds.

How you should be able to enjoy cooling even while your stopped.