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    Torsion Bar Mounts

This article is now being maintained on HowTune.com: Installing Torsion Bar Mounts on a GMC Syclone

When it came time to change the torsion bar mounts on my truck, I researched the SyTy Archives for help. I found several methods for getting it done, including jacking up one side of the truck and swapping the mount on the opposite side. I settled on a different approach, which I describe here for your use.

How do you know when to change the mounts? The most obvious indication is a loud clunk from underneath your feet. You may also notice some steering sloppiness, although this usually occurs over such a long period of time that it may go unnoticed.

Where to get them. I bought my replacement mounts from J.C. Whitney (http://www.jcwhitney.com). They are also available from any dealer who sells Moog parts (Moog #K6443: OEM style; Moog #K6485: short studs, per http://www.sytyauthority.net). When you're deciding which replacement mount to go with, one consideration is the top studconfiguration. The J.C. Whitney mounts I purchased (Part# GM8001, $14.95 ea.) were identical to the OEM design, that is, with a molded-in stud on the top surface . I understand that replacement mounts are available with separate bolts that thread in from the top - which would make replacing them considerably easier the next time. They may be available from Pep Boys.

Back to the swap procedure. My method requires 2 jacks, and a pair of jackstands.

Step 1. With the truck on a hard, flat surface, set the parking brake and place chocks behind the rear wheels.

Step 2. Jack up the front of the truck until both front wheels are off the ground. Place jack stands of both sides of the truck.

Step 3. Mark the ride height adjustment bolt before removal so that you can set it to the same height during re-assembly. I wrapped a piece of masking tape around the bolt for this purpose. You could also use a bar of old soap, or whatever. Once you have the bolt heights marked, remove them.

Step 4. Remove the top nut that secures the torsion bar mount to the crossmember. Place a bottle jack under the crossmember adjacent to the torsion mount. Raise the jack up until the crossmember lifts up high enough to remove the old mount (it has to clear that molded-in bolt I mentioned earlier - It will now become evident why the shorter studs or a drop-down bolt would be easier to replace).

Step 5. With the crossmember now clear of the mount, remove the two bolts that secure the mount to the frame. Remove the old mount (a little rubber mallet persuasion may be needed to break it loose) and place a new mount in its place. Note the front/back orientation of the old mount as indicated by the bump/indent on its top surface. Use the same orientation when installing the new replacement.

Step 6. Lower the bottle jack and repeat on the opposite side.

Step 7. Replace the height adjustment assemblies, adjust the bolt to the original ride height.

Step 8. Remove the jack stands and lower the truck, remove the chocks, and enjoy a "clunk" free ride.