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    Wheel Tech

Stock Front
Stock Rear
Width The distance from side to side of the wheel, usually measured in inches (tires refer to width in mm) 8" 8"
Diameter/Height Overall height of the wheel, usually measured in inches 16" 16"
Centerline The centerpoint, width-wise, of the wheel 4" from either edge
( width/2)
4"from either edge
Offset The distance from the centerline to the hub mounting surface, usually measured in mm 41mm 13mm
Rear Spacing The distance from the hub mounting surface to the inside edge of the wheel 142.6mm
( (width*25.4)/2+offset )

Sy/Ty's use a positive offset, meaning the hub mounting surface is closer to the outside edge of the wheel then the inside. Our stock rims are different offsets front to rear, so when choosing an aftermarket wheel, you have to keep in mind that you will either need different offset wheels front/back, or use spacers/adaptors to adjust the distance the rear wheel sticks out.

Stock Front 8"x16" 41mm
Stock Rear 8"x16" 13mm
ZR-1 Front 9.5"x17" 56mm
ZR-1 Rear (.5" off stock rear offset) 9.5"x17" 38mm
ZR-1 Rear 11"x17" 50mm