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There's a million thing to do regarding the wheels on our trucks.   The stock ones are pretty hard to come by, and pretty much go for around 500 bucks a piece in good condition.  So, you'll probably want to keep yours in good shape.   Following is a guide to refinishing your wheels, and should you need it, advice on buying replacements.


Take the tires off the rims.  Find a Plastic bucket big enough to fit a wheel in.  Buy about 3 gallons of  stripper.  Put the rims face down in the bucket with enough stripper to soak the face and inserts.  Wait a couple of hours and wipe the wheel off using a towel.  To refinish the wheel, spray clear enamel back on the rim after polishing.
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Masking the wheels

yellow insertsred insertsblack insertschromed rim

Remove the Wheel's center caps.  Mask off the surface of the wheel using masking tape and remove excess with a razor.  Spray with any color engine enamel.  Repeat for a nice smooth finish.  Remove the tape, and finish up the edges by removing the overspray.



17 inch 1990 Corvette Wheel

98 vetter rim

1990 Corvette "turbine" Wheels

90 turbine rim

Corvette ZR-1 Wheels

ZR1 315's vs. stock 245'sauthentic grand sport rimchrome zr1zr1


Other Wheels

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